Monday, September 3, 2012

Get your Garlic Chocolate Chip Cookie here!!

In spite of a horrendous start with just about everything that could go wrong doing so – temporarily losing the back poles of our main tent (later found in the barn, and I swear to you I checked in that EXACT PLACE three times before Gary found them); the second, ahem, BRAND NEW tent self-destructing amid gale force winds during Friday afternoon setup; scorching heat on day 1 of the festival and threats of rain on the second day – we did alright. [The Poconos Record thought so, too.]

Our garple elixir sold better than expected, largely due to our friend Bobby’s comedic (and at times evangelical) antics. He sure knew how to draw a crowd! We actually sold out of the inventory that we’d brought along. Speaking of selling out…

The garlic chocolate chip cookie was quite a success at the Poconos Garlic Festival this weekend. Some folks from last year came to Mountaindale Farms’ stand specifically after tasting our garlicky chocolate wares last year. We even had a customer say that our concoction was pure genius. (Thank you, thank you.) Once again, we had chocolate-covered roasted garlic on offer, too. Both sold out hours before the festival closed on Sunday. This after much complaining about Farmer Gary’s order to make 1,000 each of the delectable chocolate-dipped morsels and cookies. They’re hard work!

Since we made a ridiculous number of cookies this round, you might imagine that there were a few casualties. The broken cookies made their way back home and we salvaged them via some gigantic garlic-infused ice cream sandwiches like this one…

Want to make your own? Well, you’ll need to find us at one of the upcoming garlic festivals this fall to get your garlic chocolate chip cookies. The next one is the Hudson Valley Garlic Festival in Saugerties, NY (Sept 29 & 30). If you miss that, come find us at the Easton Garlic Festival (Oct 6 & 7). You’ll need to provide your own ice cream, though.

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