Sunday, July 3, 2011

It's a weedy field, but look at the size of that garlic!

Welcome to Mountaindale Farms. Check out our garlic. Pretty, eh? (There I am in the background. I swear I just stopped for a moment, I'm not usually taking calls in the field. No, really.)

Doesn't it look nice and sunny and pleasant in this picture? Yes. This was YESTERDAY. Today was day 2 of our attempt to harvest garlic and Mother Nature just wasn't cooperating. Rain. All day. Not just mist. RAIN.

This past fall, we planted seeds for over 12,000 heads of garlic. Our very popular "Music" (a porcelain variety), "Spanish Roja" (a Rocambole), spicy "Siberian" (in the purple stripey family), a wonderful braiding variety called "Mediterranean" (softneck), "German White" (another porcelain variety), and this year we've added "Russian Red" (another flavorful Rocambole).

This particular patch -- pictured above -- we mulched with hay in an attempt to keep the weeds at bay. This particular experiment did not work as well as we had hoped. Our next attempt to mulch the field will involve a LOT more hay. Live and learn. Meanwhile: rain.

It's wet, it's muddy, but we here at Mountaindale Farms are determined to bring you delicious, earth-friendly, sustainably-grown garlic. (I mean we were out there in our raincoats and boots and silly hats trying to pull out bulbs earlier today, but that didn't work out so well.) Stay tuned for a listing of upcoming garlic festivals... where you can pick one or more of these tasty garlic varieties for your culinary delight. Or you can visit us at the farm on Saturdays and Sundays.


  1. PS: A little shot o' Garple Elixir a day.......and I feel like a million dollars! ( I've lost ten pounds, too!)