Friday, July 22, 2011

Purely a vehicle for olive oil and garple...

So it's summer, and hot as heck outside. (I know I tell people I'm a warm-weather girl, but this is ridiculous! I almost melted outside watering the plants... it was already near 90 degrees at 8am! It's like a New Orleans summer here, but without the live lindy-hop.)

Luckily, it's nice and cool in my apartment back in DC -- where I live when I'm not helping out at Mountaindale Farms -- and as I scampered back indoors this morning I found myself with a hankering for some fresh bread. Really, though, my motivation was to find something that I could dunk in garple. I am officially addicted to that stuff. I think cousin Sonia is, too. (Maybe it's genetic.) By 8:15am I'd broken out the sourdough starter and a copy of my favorite 2-loaf recipe of late. Six hours later, I was dunking a thick slab of freshly baked bread into a generous bowl of olive oil and garple. Ohohoho, it's so good. (Oh, don't gasp at the 6-hour time lapse. Aside from about 20 minutes of kneading, most of that time was letting the dough rise.)

If you need some garple elixir for your own bread dunking, or for making the perfect salad dressing, or for taking a shot of each morning to remain hale and hardy, get yourself down to the Mountaindale Farm stand (or one of the festivals coming up this fall... if you can wait that long) and pick up a bottle.


  1. So is Caroline's sourdough. Yum. It's not for sale, though if you ask nicely maybe she'll give you some of her starter....